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Formerly labeled as "roundtable discussions," Table Talks are moderated, informal conversations focused on a wide range of specific industry topics. Each talk begins with a one- to three-minute presentation by the table host, leaving seven to nine minutes for open dialogue and Q&A before a rotation is suggested. The room moderator will alert participants every 10 minutes.

Open to all attendees and exhibitors.



Table 1: Increasing Self-Storage Revenue by Adding Relocatable Units
Moderator: Blake Robinson, Janus International

Table 2: Leveraging Solar Energy to Increase Self-Storage Profit
Moderator: Matt Elmore, Pivot Energy

Table 3: Maintaining and Repairing Self-Storage Metal Buildings and Concrete
Moderator: Anthony Vross, Simon Roofing

Table 4: Offering Big Storage Units: Big Opportunity or Big Hassle?
Moderator: Steve Hajewski, Trachte Building Systems

Table 5: Overcoming Adversity in New Self-Storage Construction
Moderator: Bryan Hargett, Paramount Metal Systems

Table 6: RV-Storage Condominiums: A Growing Marketing Niche
Moderator: Ted Deits, Monstore Garages/Eucalyptus at Beaumont

Table 7: Using Portable-Storage Containers to Grow Your Self-Storage Business
Moderator: Sam Mishkin, Universal Storage Containers



Table 8: An Insider's Guide to Refinancing Your Self-Storage Property
Moderator: Gregory Porter, Summit Real Estate Advisors LLC

Table 9: Best Practices for Seeking Self-Storage Financing
Moderator: Neal Gussis, CCM Commercial Mortgage

Table 10: Cap Rates: What Are They, and How Do They Affect Self-Storage Value?
Moderator: Nick Malagisi, SVN Commercial Real Estate

Table 11: How Market Changes Affect Self-Storage Facility Valuation
Moderator: Monty Spencer and Jonathan Cutler, The Storage Acquisition Group

Table 12: Tax Strategies to Improve Self-Storage Cash Flow
Moderator: Heidi Henderson, Engineered Tax Services

Table 13: What You Should Know About SBA Financing for Self-Storage
Moderator: Moe Kruger, Live Oak Bank

Table 14: Why You Need a Self-Storage Feasibility Study
Moderator: Stephan Ross, Cutting Edge Self Storage Management



Table 15: Effective Promotional Strategies to Fit Any Self-Storage Market
Moderator: Darren Kelley, Right Move Storage

Table 16: Maximizing Paid Search Results on a Limited Budget
Moderator: Justin Hoffman, Linkmedia 360

Table 17: Operational Metrics That Shape Self-Storage Marketing Decisions
Moderator: Dean Booty, Store More Self Storage

Table 18: Self-Storage Branding Strategies for Independent Operators
Moderator: Bill Anderson, G5

Table 19: Simple Ways to Modernize Your Self-Storage Marketing
Moderator: Ken Turley, Rize Marketing

Table 20: Tips to Help Your Self-Storage Business Rank Higher on Google
Moderator: Brooke Stencil, Extra Space Storage

Table 21: Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Raising Your Brand Awareness in Your Community
Moderator: Sarah McDougall, Quikstor Security & Software



Table 22: 10 Things Self-Storage Operators Can Do to Stand Out in the Crowd
Moderator: Jim Ross, The Self Storage Show/Self Storage Domination

Table 23: Best Practices for Self-Storage Revenue Management
Moderator: Warren Liebermann, Veritec Solutions

Table 24: Easy as Prime: Creating an Amazon-Worthy Customer Experience
Moderator: Rob Canales, XPS Solutions

Table 25: Looking Back: A History of Pivotal Moments in the Self-Storage Industry
Moderator: Tron Jordheim, Store Here Management

Table 26: No One Told Me That! Surprises Faced by New Self-Storage Owners
Moderator: Anne Mari DeCoster, Arizona Self Storage Association

Table 27: Safety Matters: Maintaining Peak Conditions at Your Self-Storage Site
Moderator: Troy Bix, Janus International

Table 28: Strategies to Bust the Status Quo and Build a Winning Company Culture
Moderator: Scott Bintz, RH Rebel Storage

Table 29: To Hire or Not to Hire: How to Conduct a Strong Self-Storage Job Interview
Moderator: Mark Riley, StoragePRO

Table 30: Why You Need to Offer a Tenant-Insurance or Tenant-Protection Program
Moderator: Terry Anderson, Tenant Property Protection



Table 31: Free Tech Tools That Improve Self-Storage Operation
Moderator: Rick Beal, Atomic Storage Group

Table 32: Get Smart: How Smart-Locking Technology Impacts Your Bottom Line
Moderator: Theresa Gallas, Janus International

Table 33: The Lowdown on Self-Storage Facility Automation
Moderator: Brad Minsley, 10 Federal

Table 34: Using Technology in Your Self-Storage Investment Strategy
Moderator: Steffany Boldrini, Monte Carlo Real Estate Investments LLC

Table 35: Your Self-Storage Data: Who Owns It and Why You Should Care
Moderator: Chuck Gordon, Storable

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