FRI3 - Operations Workshop: Advanced

Friday, July 24 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM « Back

Once you understand the essential "how and why" of running a self-storage facility from a systematic point of view, it’s time to design your own operational systems! This is a "rubber meets the road" session designed for advanced facility operators and even owners who want to level up. It’ll greatly expand on the themes from "Operations Workshop: Fundamentals," providing hands-on demonstrations and case-study-type approaches to common practices and challenges. Our presenters will take a deep dive into facility software, reporting, marketing, sales and more. If you want to fine-tune your operation, think like a pro and gain revenue, this is the place for you.

You’ll learn:

  • The mindset you need for taking your operation "next level"
  • Hard questions to ask yourself once your asset is "stable"
  • Where to find the best market information to aid decision-making
  • How to maximize the data in your management software
  • How to develop your hiring system
  • How company culture affects your bottom line
  • How to build employees from benchwarmers to stars
  • How to launch a strong Web-marketing program
  • How to design and implement local marketing campaigns
  • How to design scripts and programs for your sales process
  • Advanced revenue-management techniques
  • Excellent expense management
  • Technology tools you need to succeed
  • Much more!

Event Type: Other Education > Session