FRI2 - Operations Workshop: Fundamentals

Friday, July 24 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM « Back

Self-storage isn’t what it used to be! Facility operators in today’s economy are required to have a dynamic skill set that includes a knowledge of sales, marketing, accounting, finance, collections and maintenance. To be successful and profitable, you need to fully master these and other essentials. Our presenters will walk through the experience of managing an actual property, reviewing fundamentals you may have missed and steps to establish best practices. They’ll also offer guidelines for developing long-term strategies and tactics necessary to compete in the market. This course is critical for anyone new to the industry or wanting to establish excellent operational basics.

You’ll learn:

  • Where we are in the industry today
  • The numbers your owner cares about and why they should be important to you, too
  • How to identify and understand the critical reports in your management software
  • How to defend your facility from new competition
  • Why you need a hiring system and tips for hiring right
  • What should be included in core training for staff
  • An overview of marketing basics, including DIY and guerilla marketing
  • How to develop marketing campaigns that actually work
  • Sales steps that matter
  • How to manage your leads like a pro
  • How to close potential customers with confidence
  • Why tracking sales and marketing data is critical
  • Revenue-management strategies and pitfalls
  • And more!

Event Type: Other Education > Session