TUE3 - Advanced Legal Workshop

Tuesday, July 21 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM « Back

Self-storage operators are tasked with maintaining compliance with federal, state and local laws that apply to renting space to tenants. These laws relate to issues concerning property development and construction, employee oversight, leasing space via a rental agreement, selling tenant insurance, handling tenant claims for loss or damage, enforcing a lien, and even responding to governmental requests to search units. This immersive workshop will raise questions about your legal obligations and how to address them while avoiding liability.

You’ll learn:

  • How to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act
  • How to properly draft a rental agreement that complies with state law
  • Which insurance coverages you need
  • How to respond properly to tenant loss or damage claims
  • The benefits to offering tenant insurance or a protection plan
  • The unique issues of renting space to titled property
  • How to manage tenant defaults and the self-storage lien process
  • How to operate using proper employment policies and wage requirements
  • How to deal with difficult tenant situations including trespassing and lease termination
  • New rules about data security and liability for data breaches
  • How to properly handle situations related to tenant death and divorce as well as property disasters

Event Type: Other Education > Session